A 28-day stay in rehab makes a great difference

28 day rehab

Going to rehab

When choosing to go into a rehab centre, patients commonly choose a 28-day stay.

The reason for patients preferring to stay in rehab for four weeks is because they believe it will provide them with enough time.

However, not all patients may deliver the same results within 28 days – and some may choose to extend their stay.

Why is 28-day rehab a top choice?

People benefit from a 28-day stay when getting help for addiction because it includes multiple benefits.

Many facilities that offer rehab for 28-days offer their patients with:

Going to a rehab centre for 28-days may be the first choice for many people who want to help their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

But, there are other ways of getting help.

Longer stays in rehab

Some people may need more than 28 days.

Short-term rehab might be the best choice for those who may meet the criteria, but there is no shame in admitting you may need to stay longer.

It is important you stay in rehab for as long as you need.

Many people start rehab on a 28-day basis and realise they may benefit from a longer stay.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The people at rehab are there to help you.

And, rehab will always be available to you regardless if you are attending rehab in your local town or another city.

The difference rehab makes

Many people see a rehab facility as a place where someone is weaned off the drugs and sent home.

They may not believe in rehab because of unsuccessful stories that they heard from ex-patients.

While it is true that not all rehab centres may be successful in treating some patients, many centres have made a positive impact on a former addict’s life.

The success of rehab depends equally on the effort that the staff and the patient are making.

Rehab is a place where people are not only taken off drugs or alcohol but are given all the best tools and information available to them that will help them stay sober.

If you would like to know more about getting help at a rehab facility, the NHS has free information about how to get help for any addictions.


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