Get Active Today!

Why do we need to be active?   

Labour saving machinery and cars have improved our lives immeasurably but they’ve also led to us getting less exercise in our daily lives.  To keep our heart, lungs and bodies fit and healthy we need to keep active.

How much do we need?  

  • Children should have 60 minutes of activity at least 5 days a week (5×60)
  • Adults should have 30 minutes of activity at least 5 days a week (5×30)

What counts as activity?

Anything that makes our hearts beat faster and gets our lungs working harder:-

Gardening, brisk walking, swimming, joining a class or playing in the park with the children.  Try to find things that you enjoy doing as you are more likely to maintain the activity.  Why not join up with a friend to do an activity together!

Getting started

How fit are you?

There are plenty of opportunities for getting active in Pembrokeshire from simply walking, joining your local leisure centre, or sports club, to learning a new skills, such as belly dancing at a Learning Pembrokeshire adult education class.

Any activity counts providing you are getting warmer, breathing a bit deeper and making your heart beat a bit faster.  Gardening, brisk housework and even shopping can count providing you work up a sweat.

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