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What is the function of implants?

A dental implant is made of a titanium screw and placed in the bone at the area of the missing tooth root.

After osseointegration, a new tooth is connected to the implant meaning the restoration looks and functions identically to natural teeth.

What are the benefits of implants?

The choice of dental implants as a replacement method has got many benefits:

Preservation of anatomy

After losing a tooth, the surrounding bone begins to disappear. The bone loss can gradually recede a line of dental arches, and the facial structure changes. Dental implants prevent bone loss and preserve the natural shape of your face.

Preserving healthy teeth

Dental implants are a much better alternative to traditional crowns and bridges and eliminate the risk of affecting adjacent healthy teeth. Your natural healthy teeth are not exposed to damage through grinding.


A dental implant that is embedded in bone stays stable during surgery. As a result, key problems are eliminated, such as wrong fitting and irritation of dentures. Thanks to implants, you will gain a sense of comfort, security and a lack of embarrassing situations.

Dental Implant Costs

Dental implant costs can fluctuate and even depend on where you are in the UK,  cheap, low-costing implants might seem alluring and attractive, but please note that implants are priced as they are for a reason – and that reason is that they require meticulous planning, care and attention.

What does the implant procedure involve?

The typical process includes:

  1. Preoperative Consultations.
  2. Implant Grafting.
  3. Prosthetic reconstruction.
  4. Hygiene after the procedure.

Reconstruction of a tooth

Dentists offer a few types of bone grafts that can solve every implant case; for example, if you lost one tooth, have moving dentures or a crown supported on the surrounding tooth, the implant could be a much better alternative.

Therefore, the tooth reconstruction looks better and feels like a natural tooth; only you and your dentist will know about that.

Dental implants are undeniably the better alternative:

  • They look and are felt identically like natural teeth.
  • They do not damage surrounding teeth compared to the traditional method of preparing bridges.
  • Prevent bone loss and gum recession. More.
  • Oral hygiene stays the same as in the example of natural teeth. Read more.
  • Restore the ability to chew better than in the case of removable dentures
  • Restore confidence and put a smile on your face.
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